Friday, April 16, 2010

May God Have Mercy On My Soul

I watched a 20/20 documentary on the life of Somer Thompson. She was a 7 year old girl from Florida, that was abducted and murdered, walking home from school.

The investigative reporters talked about how in Florida and 22 other states, sex offenders can live within 1000 ft of a school. This infuriates me and hits home.

Our home is in the "walking boundaries" for the local elementary school. We live within a mile and as such, there is no bus option for them. I can either allow them to walk, or add to the chaos and confusion in the "parent pick-up" zone.

What makes me so incredibly angry is that in order for my children to walk to/from school, they must pass three... yes, THREE... registered sex offenders. Are these sex offenders stupid 20-something men who made a play for a 17 year old girl? No. These sex offenders are the low down, dirty scum who prey on innocent, tiny little girls.

When will society realize that in "protecting" the rights of these disgusting offenders, that they are placing my babies at risk???

So, instead of allowing my children to walk to/from school the way they are told they have to, due to the walking boundaries, I only allow it if they are in a group. Josh or I stand at the end of the road and watch them pass the houses that these perverts live in.

I hate that I live in a world where I have to worry about these things. I hate that I live in a world where the past contains violations that make Josh and I incredibly paranoid, about who our children come into contact with. I hate that I live in a world that coddles these offenders, without giving any regard to my children.

Heaven help anyone that ever attempts to hurt my children. They better pray that they are arrested and have the police protecting them. If I ever found them...may God have mercy on my soul...


Sharon said...

This is something that I have worried about since the day that I found out that I was pregnant with a girl (not that parents of little boys don't have to worry about, too). It is sick, sad and wrong that we have to live our lives in such paranoia because of these lowlifes.

You are such a good mommy for caring about these things and watching them walk home. I know I will do the same thing when its my turn in a few years. And any loser that dares even glance in their direction will feel the wrath...

Pam said...

Amen sister! You said it all!

bequi said...

If it makes you feel any better, I bet it ridiculously hard for them to find someone willing to rent to them, or to find a job.

Leeann said...

No, it doesn't make me feel better. Too personal to get into on here, but their lives aren't nearly as hard as their victims.