Sunday, April 25, 2010

How I Clean My House

- Decide that enough is enough and we are spending the day cleaning up.
- Tell each child that they are responsible for their rooms and they "better get it done in a timely manner!"
- Clean the living room and dust...quickly realizing that "someone" hasn't been doing their dusting chore.
- Find the kids playing around and sternly remind them that their rooms need to be done.
- Vacuum the living room, then empty the vacuum canister. Funny, for a dog that we were assured doesn't shed...he sure loses a lot of hair...
- Become distracted and pay the bills. Surprisingly, it does not end in tears.
- Ryleigh is done cleaning her room and helped Luke finish his...big shocker. Bailey is laying on her floor and Avery is coloring...big shocker. "CLEAN YOUR ROOMS!!!"
- Dust the front room and throw away one folder, two lip glosses and one doll, left on my shelves. If I've told them once, I've told them a million times...leave your stuff laying around and it'll disappear.
- Finish the entire main floor and feed the kids who are done with their cleaning, a snack.
- Head upstairs to clean my room and discover that Ryleigh has picked up my bathroom and made my bed...without being asked...big shocker. "THANKS, RYLEIGH ROO!!"
- Decide to Lime-A-Way my garden tub...without wearing gloves. I walk on the wild side.
- For the thousandth time: "Mom! She hit me!" ... "You are both staying down there until your rooms and bathroom are done! I don't want to hear from you again!!!"
- Clean my closet and discover all sorts of treasures. Why the kids play in my closet, is beyond me.
- Scream, once again, that I will not be serving Bay and Avery dinner until their cleaning is done. It has been 3 hours now and I'm beyond frustrated.
- Realize that my windows are open and pray that my neighbors don't call DCFS. I really don't starve my kids.
- Finish cleaning the upstairs, thoroughly happy that I've discovered Presley's stash of bottles and sippy cups, under her bed. *gag*
- It's now been five hours and a survey of the basement indicates that Bailey and Avery have not done a thing. Dad takes over the "They Won't Clean Their Rooms" war.
- I go upstairs to revel in my clean room and shower...only to discover that the cat has had...uh... "sickness"... all over my clean comforter. Sigh.
- After gagging and cleaning it up...I finally get a shower.
- I come down to the kitchen to find yogurt on my couch and entertainment center. Ten minutes. I was only up there for ten minutes!!
- Six hours, a hundred screaming fits and a thousand temper tantrums later...the basement is finally clean.
- I collapse on the couch, wishing it was their bedtime. Think they'd suspect anything if I changed the clocks ahead two hours?


Robbie and Mindy said...

So true, SO TRUE! Sounds like my life.

Bonnie said...

Sounds WAY too familiar!!