Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fees, Taxes and Surcharges...Oh, My!

When I got our new cell phone bill today I wasn't really shocked at all the extra fees...but, holy crap! These extra surcharges on phone bills are getting out of hand!

Federal-Univ Serv Assess Non-LD $2.37
Utah State-Univ Ser Assessment $0.12
Grantsville City-Gross Receipts Tax $2.42
Administrative Charge $1.98
Regulatory Charge $0.80
Utah State-911 Tax $0.16
Utah State-Poison Control Charge $0.14
Utah State-Sales Tax $4.09
Tooele County-Sales Tax $0.21
Grantsville City-911 Tax $1.22
Grantsville City-Sales Tax $1.12


I wonder if I could start charging strange little fees (some of which that don't make any sense), to various people in my life?

Tooele County-Diaper Changes $2.25
Out of County-Diaper Changes $2.75
BS Charge $3.77
YFAM Tax $4.25
Housekeeper Tax $1.18
Homework Assessment $0.75
Dealing With Junkmail Annoyance Fee $1.08
Grantsville-Whining Tax $2.25
Tooele County-Whining Tax $0.98
Utah State-Whining Tax $3.45
Laundry-Non-Stained $0.80

That's only just the beginning of the asinine charges I could come up with.
Sigh...I'd be a millionaire.


Andrea said...

Ha ha -- love it! (well, YOUR version of 'it' anyway)

Whitney said...

I agree!!! A quarter for every poopy diaper (which means I'd have so much $$ coming out of my ears when this second one comes) and ten cents for every dropped piece of food on the floor... New house, here I come!!