Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because I Want To! *stamps foot*

I'm going to complain today. Why? Because I want to. Venting is good... better than holding it in... and it's better to vent on here, than in real life.

Define "awesome" (sarcastic version). "Awesome" is me showing up at the elementary school early today (I was bringing our new cat for show and tell to the girls' classrooms) and finding one of the teachers sitting at her desk, texting. *sigh* Now, I know that sometimes things happen and you just can't resist touching your phone...however, my kiddo talks about this a lot and I know I didn't happen in on a one time thing. Couple that with numerous other issues I have and I'm not a happy momma. I wish I would have pulled her from this class at the beginning of the year, when my gut told me to.

I'm changing some comment options on my blog, today, thanks to the ****** bags that keep leaving links to porn sites on my mother in law's obituary post. I've dealt with it for almost a year and I won't any longer. So, comment moderation is in effect for posts over 14 days old and captcha words are now required when you comment. Save me from the spam!!!

Why do some women become mothers? Honestly. *HIGH FIVE* to all the hard working moms out there that sacrifice all that they have, love with all of their heart and truly do the best for their children. Motherhood is not a part-time gig and not a way to get attention. (Unless the attention you seek is never being able to pee alone... I get a lot of that kind of attention.) Grow up. Start putting your child(ren) first and stop thinking about yourself. There is no excuse for putting them in danger, for your own selfish reasons.

When will the dog stop shedding? AAAHHHH. My poor vacuum is going to go on strike soon. I can't keep up with the mounds of dog hair laying around. It looks like I have a carpet...on top of my carpet!! I already vacuum twice a day...please don't make me do it more!

If my professor isn't fired at the end of this semester, I'm going to flip out. This man is such a PITA. He doesn't show up for tests (it costs too much money for him to drive...TO HIS JOB), he never knows the answer if you ask a question in class, he has given out the wrong information in class more than once and he's got a superiority complex like I've never dealt with before. Seriously, USU, if you haven't taken our complaints into consideration, I will lose all respect for you as a University. I pay a good amount of money to be taught. Not to be read to like a child and be laughed at when I fail. Professors are supposed to be there to help me succeed, not to find pleasure in making my school journey a living hell.

Josh, I love you, man. I really do. But for the umpteenth time...please stop feeding the kids candy before dinner. Your little butt gets to traipse off to work, while I deal with sugar-crazed kids, who won't eat. Thankyouverymuch.

*breaths sigh of relief* Thanks for your time. I feel better already.


Amy said...

Love your post! So sorry to hear about the posts left by, as you so well put it, ****** bags. They will definitely have some really awful horrible bad Karma to deal with.
Also, just know that you are not alone in being frustrated w/ instructors. I had one, in my final semester no less, who had figured my final grade incorrectly. Her response when questioned - Hmm, guess I'll see you next semester. ??? I was soooo mad. She later met w/me (at her other job, no time to come to campus) and treated me like a child. She said, now Amy, you do know that tests are weighted differently and you have to figure that in............. I had already done that, and she was found to be in the wrong. She said since my name(at the time began w/ a V) was at the end of the alphabet, she must have been tired and entered in the wrong scores. Oh well - keep your chin up!

common mom said...

I hope you feel better! You're right - venting is necessary - glad we could all listen :-) I get a bazillion spam comments . . . it really is annoying . . . I've had to turn off comments on some older posts, which is no big deal . . . and I always have to say "Yes" the first time to someone, so not many get through and posted . . . but it's so annoying to delete hundreds of stupid porn/medication posts.

Stick in there with school - just consider that you will get ot move on and you WILL be successful!

Stephanie said...

That's right let it all out!