Friday, April 30, 2010

Because I Want To! *jumps up and down*

Alright, after yesterday's complaining post, I feel the need to follow it up with a positive post. Gotta equal out my karma, right? ;) So, a list of all the things that went right yesterday!

The first and bestestestest (my own word...don't judge...) thing that happened was that I filled out my application for graduation! Wahoo! Go me! I will graduate Fall 2010 with my Associates of Science degree. Holy long time coming...but that's another post.

We got our papers gathered up for the refinance we are attempting to do on our home. If all goes well and the planets align, we should be saving about $200 a month after this. That might not be a lot to some people, but it sure will help around here! We were able to find all the papers we needed with ease (and you people make fun of my organization obsession!) and faxed them off.

While gathering the papers for the refi, we discovered that Josh has been being paid the wrong amount for a couple months! Because he works night shift, he should be making just a little extra per hour, to sweeten the crappy 6 pm - 6 am shift. Well...he hasn't been being paid that amount. So, hopefully that means that his work is going to be cutting us a check for the shortage. Again, not a huge amount...but money nonetheless.

Bailey actually did all her chores and homework, without a fight. Actually...without even being asked! Her maturity level seems to be changing every day!

I applied for my financial aid for next school year and it's looking like I may be getting some substantial Pell Grants. That would be a-maz-ing and help out a ton. I already owe a bazillion dollars in student loans, so any semester that I can avoid adding to it, is a bonus!

Luke behaved all day long and Avery fell asleep at 6 pm. Consistent followers of my blog, or those who actually know us, know how awesome that is.

I am caught up on work! I get so overwhelmed that I'm often up till 2 am finishing up reports. I actually had time to do my last pathophysiology test, in peace. On to finals, my friends!! :)

Presley's little vocabulary made me giggle all day long. I know that most of what she said is only easily understood by those of us with her every day, but I am LOVING all the new words! She actually argued with me over whether our new cat was a cat...or a puppy. I would call Kiki (the cat) a cat and she would say, "Noooo! It's puppy!". I also told her that her dinner was coming and she said, "Is it done?". I took her diaper off for her bath and she shook her little naked bum, chanting, "Not poopy! Not poopy!" She is also following more and more simple commands and I get such joy out of seeing her comprehension grow.

Ryleigh got jumped up to chapter books. They just completely skipped her out of the colored reading books that 1st graders typically read. That girl of mine is just so darn smart!!! I'm so happy that she has such a love of learning.

Josh applied for school and for federal aid. Here's hoping they take pity on the two crazy parents, with five kids, who think that both of them going to school at the same time, is a good idea. Chant it with me, people: "GRAAAANTS! GRAAAANTS!"

No one got hurt, sick, electrocuted, hit by a car, fell down the stairs (except on purpose...they like riding down on cookie sheets. Bad mommy, I know.) or abducted by aliens. It was a great day! :)


Lacey Sue said...

hehehehe, Pres kills me! I am glad your day went well, all-in-all things sound good. I am pumped for you to be getting a refi done. I totally understand that the saving a few hundred bucks can make a BIG difference in a home. Aspen got raised up to chapter books two weeks ago- I know just how you feel- I am in awe of these smartie pants first grade girls we have!!!
Way to go kids for behaving- mommy needs more days like that!!! :)

Stephanie said...

You always need to look on the positive side things once in awhile! Or else the looney bin truck will stop by your house!

Kim said...

Hi! I came across your blog today after googling "CNA" and I'm so glad I did. I'm a single mom who is thinking about taking a CNA course at my local community college. Then, if things go well, I might do their 2-year RN program. Just thought I'd ask, what do you think of it all? Are you glad you did it? Any tips for me? Thanks!

Leeann said...

Kim...I can't see your blog, because it is private. But, my email is Write me on there and I will give you all the info you want! :)