Monday, April 5, 2010

Ancient Life...And Modern Stitches

We visited the Ancient Life Museum last Friday. Josh and I bought a family membership there, so we'll be visiting a lot over the next year. There is so much to see and do...the kids love it!

The kids were in a great mood and were so excited to go. It had been a couple years since we had gone last, so I was most excited to see Luke and Presley enjoy it. Luke was just a baby last time and Pres wasn't born yet.

Kids checking out the lab where the paleontologists prep the bones.
Crawling through a cave.
My smiley girls.
Playing at the erosion table.

Even Pres got in on the action...until she kept trying to eat the sand.

Pres was giggling and gasping the whole way through. I loved it!!
She's barely as big as this dino's foot!
So cute!
I took this picture. It's cute, right? It looks like the shark is eating funny. RIGHT after I snapped this photo, Avery lost her balance, fell back and smacked her head on that hard, concrete rock at their feet (see how she's the only one without her feet planted?). Josh ran to her and immediately saw blood on the rock. He scooped her up and by then the blood was running out of her hair and down her neck. He applied pressure and took off running with her, while I gathered up the rest of the kids.

After I got Pres buckled in her stroller, we sped through the rest of the museum, missing the archaeological dig area that Luke had been looking forward to, all day. (Side note: Typically not getting what he wanted would send Luke into a frenzy - typical 3 year old - but he knew how badly Avery was hurt and it didn't even phase him. I'm loving the maturity I see developing.) I sent Luke into the men's room and he came back, reporting that Daddy and Avery were in there.

When Josh came out, I started to ask how bad it was...and then saw the blood all over his shirt and the back of Avery's. He was still applying pressure with some paper towels and it was still bleeding.

I looked up the closest urgent care (thank you, new cell phones that have internet!!!) and after stopping for some ice, we had her there within 10 minutes. They wanted to refer her to the ER, since it was a head injury. That kind of irritated was obvious she was okay...she just needed some stitches. She was walking and talking fine, her gaze was normal and steady and her pupils were the same size. Buuut...that's just wanna-be-nurse-Mommy talking.

After a call to Primary Children's Hospital, the doc stated that a CT scan wouldn't be necessary. There was no indication of brain trauma and exposing a child so little, to so much radiation, had more cost, than benefit. The docs at Primary's told the local doc that it's been shown to raise the child's risk of cancer, later in life. Well...our family hears the "C" word and our hackles raise we were more than happy to just have the stitches done.

She was a MAJOR trooper. The doc and nurse both said that she was the bravest person they've ever done stitches on...child or adult. No big shocker there...she is Avery, after all. :)

On the drive home, it made me smile as I heard Luke tell her..."Avery, next time we go there I'm gonna put my hand behind your head, so that you don't fall."

I love those tender moments.


Rachel said...

Aww...that Luke is precious! I'm glad Avery is okay. How scary to see so much blood! It was scary just READING about that much blood!

Off the subject...that was at Thanksgiving Point, right? A friend of mine will be here on Wednesday from TX and she loves dino's. I'm gonna take her there sometime this week. Do you, by any chance, know how much it is for a day pass?

Rachel said...

Never mind...I just checked out the website and found it is $10. :)

Lacey Sue said...

Totally adorable pictures- even the one BEFORE the accident :)! I can't believe Avers fell! So sad, but she is the one who can handle it, that's for sure, one tough cookie! Glad she is okay!

Andrea said...

Oh! My! Goodness! That would've freaked me out! So glad she's okay. And Luke is so sweet! You've got good kids, Leeann!