Friday, March 5, 2010

Your View of "Happiness"... Makes Me Wanna Vomit

Oh boy, did I ever get mad today. Mad. Mad. MAD.

I have to sensor this a bit, because I don't know who reads this... (if you are easily offended by "adult topics", this is your warning to vacate the premises).

I got into an arguement with a male friend of mine today, regarding...err..."happiness" a marriage. He feels that a wife should want to make her husband "happy". Every. Single. Day.


You with me?

I kinda flipped out on him.

I don't feel that "happiness" is something that should be required of either partner. I don't live in the Middle East and I have free will. Granted, I know that I can't control our "happiness" 100% of the time and have been known to "take one for the team", but to be told that it should be done every day to maintain my husband's happiness (real happiness, this time :) ) is ridiculous.

My reasons for not always wanting to be "happy", (you know...those five kids, full time job and school responsibilities that kinda wear me out) were met with a wonderful comment of, "'s the life you chose."

You're right. It IS the life I chose.

So, thank you, dear friend. You've made me extremely happy (again, real happy), that I chose the man I did.

He loves and respects me...and he's about to be really "happy"...that he does!


Lacey Sue said...

You know me. You also know I am laughing through this blog. You know why I am laughing through this blog. You know I am the ONLY woman in the world is fighting the fight of the "male side" because my husband is fighting the "Woman side"'s a lonely place to be :)! hehehe

Leeann said...

LOL I though of you while I was writing this! :)

bequi said...

Lacey, you're not the only one. Sometimes I'd "test" my husband to see how long it would take before he'd make me "happy" and after 3 months I'd give in and force him.

It's lame.

But either way, WHAT A TOOL!

Andrea said...

ha it!!