Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Gotta Learn To Laugh

I just have to laugh...otherwise, I'll cry. My life is one "tragedy" after another and I've just learned to laugh at it. Might make me look a little hysterical...but it's working for me. :)

"Things Going Wrong" could be the title of my biography. It seems like every time I turn around, something else breaks, makes a mess or screws up.

The vacuum died this morning. While being pulled down the stairs, it broke it's neck. We'll be having a funeral for it later today. Sympathy cards, with cash, would be greatly appreciated, as we now have to adopt a new one.

Would someone please tell me who dumped red punch on the carpet, in the front room? If I had known about it right away, instead of hours later, perhaps I could have saved the beige carpet from now being pink. Oy.

My anatomy test is becoming the bane of my existence. We were supposed to take it last Monday. Well, there was a screw up with the scheduling of the computer lab, so although I had studied my glutes was put on hold till last Friday. I took it last Friday (ALL 75 QUESTIONS OF IT!!!), submitted it and went home. Only to find out later that the server had issues and it erased all my answers. When the testing company was questioned, they blamed it on me. (Big shocker there, huh?) Apparently, they explained to my professor, I'm just too damn dumb to figure out how to click the "submit" button. I guess I'M too dumb, as well as the other TWO people in my class that it happened to. Yup. Anyone wanna come sit and hold my hand when I retake the stupid thing, on Friday night? Perhaps you can walk me through clicking "submit", to make sure that I don't eff it up this time! *shakes head in disbelief*

Those are the current things I'm laughing about...hysterically...while I rock back and forth in a corner, drooling. ;) What are YOU laughing about?


Erin said...

that really bites about your test. i would be mad/angry/crying. ugh!!! was me who spilt the punch. i'm sorry! :)
good luck with the vacuum

Lacey Sue said...

I have a padded room in my basement- just for days like's all yours if ya need it!

mickey said...

your awesome writing abilities. i love you dear. i went to two of my dr.s today and had no problems. sory my life must be boring.