Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Lukey

Yesterday, while eating lunch, completely out of the blue:

Luke: "Mommy has a funny pee pee!"
Me: "Why is it funny?"
Luke: "It sticks in and mine sticks out!"
Me: *giggling inside* "Yup, buddy...boys and girls are different!"

Last night after dinner:

Luke: "I want a s'movie!" (smoothie...he has like 5 a day!)
Me: "You're gonna turn into a s'movie!"
Luke: "I'm not gonna be a s'movie!"
Me: *talking to Josh* "I'm glad he's eating all this fruit!"
Josh: *talking to Luke* "You're gonna get diarrhea!"
Luke: "I'm not gonna get diarrhea!" *pause* "What's diarrhea?"

1 comment:

Whitney said...

So fun! I'm excited for Everett to start saying funny stuff...