Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Presley's Seventh Letter To Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I wish you could hear my little voice, Grandma! I'm learning new words all the time and it makes Mommy and Daddy giggle to hear me chattering. I like to charm everyone with my funny faces and by blowing kisses. I'm sure I could make you laugh!

Daddy told Mommy the other night that you would be having so much fun with my "developing personality". I don't know what they're talking about...I've always been a lot of fun!

Before bed the other night, Mommy showed me a picture of you. She said, "Pres...who is this?". I was thinking, "Grandma! Duh, Mom!", but I haven't quite figured out that sentence yet, so instead I pointed at you and kissed the glass. I don't know why, but it made Mommy's eyes fill up with tears.

It's still hard not having you here, Grandma. Every time we drive by the cemetery the other kids yell, "Hi Grandma!". Mommy always feels like she should stop, but something keeps her from doing it. She can't visit you, because she doesn't want the other kids to see her cry.

I miss you, Grandma. The other kids still talk about you every day. The outings you took them on. The sleepovers they had. The times they cooked with you. I wish that I would have had that time, too. I missed out on so much with you...and you're missing out on me.