Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I received the most wonderful gift in the mail yesterday.

I've talked before about my "mom blog" that I belong to. These mommies (affectionately called my c-mommas) did a most wonderful thing. They all donated money into a pool and donated it to a cancer society for women, in Mom's name.

I was so touched that they would think of something so wonderful to do. Mom was an amazing person and touched so many lives. Now, money given in her honor, will be used to fund research that is helping to find a cure.

As May quickly approaches, the Susan G. Komen 5K and the anniversary of Mom's death are rushing at us. The 5K has been important in our family for years. We have always done it together...even last year, not knowing that Mom would pass away eight days later. Doing it this year without her...well...I won't's going to be hard. I remember writing in a previous year's blog that I would always run "In Celebration" of Mom, and never "In Memory". I will forever celebrate the woman that she was and I'm so thankful that my beautiful friends will, too.

Thank you to: Annette, Andrea, Brenny, Cara, Christy, Cassie, Jackie, Courtney, Dallas, Brandee, Erin, Erin, Erin, Stephanie, Steph, Hannah, Heather, Heather, Roxy, Liz, Mike, Christina, Jawni, Jen, Jenna, Kim, Kym, Kel, Kirsten, Casey, Lindsay, Bri, Ryan, Michelle, Meesh, Blythe, Ang, Nikki, Sam, Jessie, Sally, Cindy, Sarah, Sierra, Tayci, Sarry, Mel, Tinka, Trish, Wendy, Wranga, Amanda and Jamie (I pray I didn't forget any of you!)

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