Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Lessons I've Learned

- A person can care for someone else or a situation, too much. When it begins affecting you negatively, perhaps it's time to reevaluate and back away.

- The sound of a baby's giggle never fails to make me smile.

- Some people can come into your life (or come back into your life) and make you think, "How in the world was I living without you?"

- Love isn't perfect. It's not always happy and bubbly and exciting and "butterflies in your belly". Sometimes, love is collapsing on the couch at the end of the day, watching a sitcom, not saying a thing...and being content.

- Inside jokes can make you laugh every time, as much as the first time. ("TENDON!" "I'm fuzzy!" "It was THIS BIG!")

- Never assume anything. Nine times out of're gonna be wrong.

- A vacuum is not meant to clean up play-doh.

- Hitting "refresh" excessively, is not going to make that email appear any faster.

- I really do wish it was possible to fulfill the saying, "Walk a mile in their shoes.". What a learning experience that would be. For everyone.

- I really have to stop over thinking things. Sometimes things really just...are. No need to over analyze it.

- Sometimes the best thing that I can do when the kids are being naughty and driving me to give them a hug.

- Sometimes the best thing anyone can do when I'm driving them to give me a hug. A hug grounds you. It lets you lean on someone else for a minute and

- Take a few minutes each day to do nothing, other than watch your kids play. Their enthusiasm, conversations and imaginations will never fail to make you laugh.

- Treasure the friends that you may not see very often...but that feel like "home", every time that you see them.

- Smiling is better than crying and happiness is better than sadness...but you can't appreciate either, without experiencing the other.


Rachel said...

I miss you.

Mom said...

Love this one!

大拇指 said...
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mickey said...

you are amazing. simply put. i love you leeann and am glad we can hug and feel at home and that when we see each other it feels like home. i am sure you wrote this with others in mind, but i'd like to think i count in so many of them. thanks for this sweet post!

suebug said...

This one rocked...the lessons are so true, and so real. Thank you for sharing babes!

Bethany said...

Awesome lessons!! Great post :)