Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've Made Up My Mind

I know me.

I know me better than anyone knows me.

I know what makes me tick and what motivates me.

I know that I am not ready for a half marathon. I'm not even ready to begin training for a half marathon. I've got to get a good, solid, running foundation back, before I try to climb that wall. So, today I am starting. I found a program that I think will work for me. It eases me back into everything at an incredibly slow pace...allowing my mind to catch up to the fact that I'm doing this again.

It starts out so slow, that I'm worried I'm going to grow bored of it. But...I'm going to trust it and follow it and stick it out.

I also know that I love inspirational quotes and for some reason they get into my head and stick there. I've printed up some quotes for each week (8 weeks total, for this program) and I'm putting them on the back of my tracker. I'll leave these on the treadmill while I run, as a reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing. Perhaps they will even distract me a bit from the burning and pain. :)

My weeks will run Sunday-Saturday, so I will post either every Saturday or Sunday with my progress and I'll share the quotes that I used to push me, for that week. I have no idea if anyone even reads this little world of mine anymore, but being accountable to myself should be enough. the's only me that matters.


Shannon- TN said...

I'm still reading :-) YOU are already an inspiration to me. This just adds to it! Go get 'em girl!!

Mom said...

I read everyday. Good luck and I look forward to more blogs from you. I love you!

Candygirlflies said...

I'm still reading, too, Leann... Not every SINGLE day, being a full time mother, student and teacher at the moment... (I know you understand!!)

But know that you are in my thoughts, even if you don't see me pop up on your sitemeter as regularly as I should!

You keep it up, my friend. You're an inspiration, and your progress will be a kick-in-the-butt for the likes of ME, and get me motivated, too!!

xoxo CGF