Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Losing My Mind!!!

Luke's flood the other day has turned into a nightmare. Our house is unbearable right now. We tried calling the insurance company to see if they would cover a hotel, but they said no. Because the house still has running water and a working bathroom, it is considered live able. I'd love for one of them to come spend an hour here and tell me how much they like it.

They had to rip out the insulation and sheet rock above the sliding glass door. So, I have a lovely hole in my dining room ceiling.

They stabbed holes all over my dining room ceiling and down the hall toward the front room. Looks pretty, huh?

Molding has been torn off, the corner piece has been removed...oh yeah...the water went down into the wall, too.

Isn't that nice? If I'm going to have studs visible in my house all day, these aren't the kind of studs I would choose.

This is one of the two upstairs fans. Can you say LOUD??? It's so horrible and they are running 24 hours a day. One is in the hallway and in such an enclosed space, the sound is magnified to ridiculous proportions.
We now have five of these blowers on the main floor, as well as a dehumidifier that is 4 times the size of this. It makes it FREEZING on the main floor and is incredibly LOUD, as well. You can't even talk, unless you're standing right next to the person.
We also have three kids who can't sleep in their rooms, electrical cords running all over and exposed tack strips from the carpet, with a crawling baby...but apparently LIBERTY MUTUAL...who I've insured with for every house and car I've owned since I was 16 years old...doesn't consider that a hazard. Needless to say, I'll be finding a new insurance company that perhaps CARES about it's clients. We have never, ever filed a homeowner's claim before and I'm extremely disappointed in the way this is being handled.
Anyone have any recommendations?


Annie said...

my neighbors just had the hose to their dishwasher break when they weren't home. basically the same damage as you have. they stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights but had to come home before they thought they should have to. they have farmers i think. we have aaa. never had to file a homeowners claim but we did with our car. it got broken into. they were excellent to work with. and our rates didn't go up! dan had statefarm before we got married and they were awful, to him anyway. i think it is just the luck of the draw!! good luck!!!

Mom said...

You can go through Curry Agency in Tooele and they will be able to find you an affordable homeowners insurance for you if you want.

Nannette said...

Try Curry Insurance in Tooele. They are a broker so they have access to a number of companies to compare. Emily was great to work with for us.

Crysm said...

I use Bear River. Only had to make a claim on my car once for someone who was not insured and hit us. They were wonderful to work it.

And correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think Luke has now surpassed Avery in the home damage department.


mickey said...

okay so i don't talk to you for a few days and all &*%$ breaks loose....what, when i get the who luke...i guess if i'd read your blog i'd have know about the flood. i pity you, you poor girl~!