Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Cuz That's How I Roll

We don't do anything half way around here. It's full out and crazy...or it's not at all.

Noah's Luke's Ark
"Momma? Why is that light dripping?" *sigh*
Luke plugged the upstairs toilet on Saturday. That caused the toilet to overflow and by the time we knew about it, it had poured gallons and gallons of water all over the upstairs bathroom, into the hall and closet...through the floor and was coming out of the dining room light. In the time it took me to shut off the water and wrap a towel around the light, the dining room ceiling started leaking in 3 spots.
We now have a claim in with the insurance company and I'm betting we have a good 50 sq feet of sheet rock that needs to be replaced and some carpet.

My anatomy class is going to kill me. Yup, I'm pretty sure. I've only had one class and I already need to memorize every bone, bump, hole, groove and suture in the skull and spine. Did you know that even BUMPS have names? Yeah...neither did I.
I told my friend that it's making me want to bang my head against the wall, because I'm already so overwhelmed. He kindly pointed out that doing that would create new bumps, that I'd have to learn.
He has a point.


Andrea said...

Yeesh!! Your life makes ME tired!

common mom said...

Oh I have SOOOOO been there with the plugged up toilet and dripping ceiling thing . . . and man do I feel for you!

You'll do it . . . memorize the entire head . . . you can do it!

suebug said...

I'm STILL waiting for pictures of the house ;)!

Crysm said...

I tried taking a HS version of Anatomy and Physiology when I was a senior. I didn't finish because the teacher and I clashed, but I wasn't too upset about it at the time.

Trying to learn all the bumps and groves and all the bumps and groves they say are there but you can't feel or see them... yeah, it was too much to wrap my teenage brain around.

GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll get an A in this class just like you do with all the rest. You're smart like that. That's why I want to be YOU when I grow up.


mickey said...

ahhh as i read on i knew i'd find the story....WOW...is all i can say.