Thursday, January 21, 2010

¡Ay, caramba!

Dear Life,

Feel free to give me a break now and then. Seriously...I can't handle much more crap. Trying to be Mommy, Wife, Student, Worker, Homemaker and Gym Rat is enough for me to handle right now...I don't need additional problems heaped on to my ever growing pile.

Love, Leeann


Luke's flood is finally dried up and all the blasted machines are out of my house. The insurance company failed to mention that we have to find our own contractor, so I'm on the hunt for a reliable and honest one. Yeah... We currently have a blanket shoved up in the hole in our ceiling, because FREEZING cold air is seeping in through the rafters. Redneck, much?

Josh is meeting with a surgeon next week, to have an inguinal hernia fixed. Poor guy is in some pain! Hopefully he won't have to be out of work long, because I don't think he qualifies for STD, yet.

We had a buyer for the big van (buyer #3!), who backed out at the last possible second. Oy. I'm so ready to be done with it. We spent money fixing a belt and putting in a new battery for them...only to have them not be able to get financing. Grr.

I know things will "calm" down...I just hope I can make it until that happens!


Erin said...

would you honestly know what to do with yourself if you didn't have something to fix/stress/worry about?! :)
hang in there!

Leeann said...

Honestly...I dont' know. I'll let you know if that ever happens! :)

Rachel said...

The guy who built my moms house is fantastic! He does things right. ;) Super nice guy, too. (Wade Sandberg...if you're interested.)

McKell Anderson said...

Hey Leeann, try getting a quote from Charlie McNeil. He did a room in our basement and is going to be doing some work for my mom. I think he does a good job. My mom has his phone number.

mickey said...

you do have a lot on your plate, i'd carry some of it if i could. oh, tommorow at yoga (10:15am) i could hold your leg if you needed. wishing you a better week!