Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trouble Comes In Threes

We have had an eventful morning in our household. What started out as an already crazy day, turned into...I don't even know...there are no words to describe it.

Luke was screwing around at the kitchen table eating breakfast and all of a sudden, we heard CRASH! I hear Josh say, "Oh NO!" and I see him quickly herding Luke into the bathroom, cupping his chin.

I followed them in there and all I see is blood. It was pouring out of Luke's mouth, pooling in Josh's hand and pouring on the counter top. (You know how mouth wounds are...) Thankfully, I have the kind of "medical mentality" (or whatever you want to call it) that I do and this kind of stuff doesn't stress me out at all.

I couldn't tell where the bleeding was coming from, at first. After getting him cleaned up and applying a bit of pressure to his mouth, I could see that he had split his face open, from outside, to inside. "Umm...Josh...he's gonna need some stitches..."

Luke barely even whimpered during all this. I thought the sight of the blood would freak him out, but he didn't even bat an eye. As Josh got ready to take him to urgent care, he just kept saying, "I need stitches. I gotta get some stitches.".

So, off they go and get stitches. End of story, right?

Who's blog are you reading? Things don't go that smoothly in this house...

Josh walks in, carrying a sleeping Luke and lays him on the couch. I turn his head to the side, to check out the doc's handiwork and...NO STITCHES! He had popped them out, on the way home and it was starting to bleed again.

Another band-aid and another drive to urgent care later...two more stitches.

The End

Or is it?

About 20 minutes later, he pops another stitch out! He kept sticking his tongue in the hole, that is inside his mouth, and it was popping the stitches out on the front. to urgent care. Again. This is time #3, if you aren't keeping track.

This time, they stitched it from the inside, so we should be okay. He's so exhausted from the craziness, that he actually fell asleep during the stitches. He's now currently knocked out cold. I kinda hope he stays that way for a while.

Momma needs a nap. :)

(pictures were taken after stitches #2)

This still doesn't do it justice. It's really a deep slit, but I'm stretching it open. Crazy, crazy kid.
My tough little man


Andrea said...

Wow! Brave kid, no kidding!! Hope you got that nap in!!

Coby said...

It is Christmas time and this seems to be right on schedule for you and your holiday "break" if my memory serves me over the last 8 years ;)

Nannette said...

Well, it was THREE trips to the urgent care, but nobody is in the hospital.... LOL. It is funny when it's someone else... I hope you made through Christmas eve and Christmas day without blood, more stitches..... Wishing you the best!

common mom said...

Poor little dude! It's a rite of passage for little boys, though :-)

Bethany said...

Wow, that's quite an injury!! I'm glad he's okay. Mouth injuries can bleed a lot, yikes.