Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something To Ponder On

Marriages fail because of two people.
Marriages succeed because of two people.
A failed marriage is not the sole fault of one person.
A successful marriage is not the sole achievement of one person.

Choosing to make your marriage work is not easy. It doesn't mean there will never be set backs or bumps in the road.
It just means that together, you will overcome them.
It means that together, you have made the choice that what you have, is worth fighting for.
It means that you have chosen to forgive each other of past mistakes.
It means that you know that things will not always be perfect and there will be misunderstandings.
It means that you have realized that life is not a fairytale.

You cannot create a new beginning to your story...but you can choose how your story ends.

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Mike and Jen said...

So true. Well, havent had to overcome to many challenges YET, but I know they are coming.. and I will remember that:)