Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Presley's Announcement

I have always written a birthday poem and put it in our local paper, for my kids' first birthday. Presley's ran in last night's paper, but those of you that are too far away to get you go! :)
I can’t believe it Peanut,
How are you turning one?
It seems like you just arrived,
Now your first year is done.
You came into our lives so fast,
And started out so small,
But, you got to meet your grandma;
That was the greatest gift of all.
We feel so blessed to have you,
Another angel, we’ve been sent,
Once again, we are reminded,
What “love at first sight” meant.
We’ve watched you grow and change;
You make us smile every day,
With your dainty little “dances,”
And the cute things you say.
Happy birthday, Presley,
We all love you, baby girl.
You are a perfect, preemie princess,
And you’ve complete our whole world!
Love, Daddy, Mommy,
Bailey, Ryleigh, Avery and Luke


Shannon said...

What an amazingly sweet thing to do!! Thank you for sharing!!! Great job on the poem, too!

suebug said...

I love it!

common mom said...

It's awesome! What a treasure for her to have for always :-)

Erin said...

u have such a way with words!

Bethany said...

So lovely! What a special thing for her to keep as she gets older :)