Monday, December 28, 2009

~Finding A Family~

Boy meets Girl. They fall in love. They get married. They have children. doesn't always work like that.
My beautiful friend, Nikki and her husband Terance, would very much like to have children, but due to medical issues are unable to. So, they have decided that the best way to add to their home, is through adoption.
They are currently in search of a birth mother who has made that momentous decision to give her child up for adoption.
Perhaps you know someone? Perhaps someone you know, knows someone? Please keep your eyes, ears and hearts open. Every child deserves a home and love.
Somewhere there is a baby...waiting to meet their Mommy and Daddy. Somewhere there is a Mommy...trying to find the perfect fit for their greatest gift. Please help them find each other.

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suebug said...

You know me Leeann...and you know my heart is aching for this sweet couple...and you know I am crying for them. My heart and prayers go out to them, tell them...never give up hope. Miracles happen, and there IS a sweet little one out there meant for them.