Thursday, December 17, 2009

Define Your Life

I remembering hearing on the radio once, where people called in and had to describe themselves or their lives in six words. Only six words. No more. No less.

Because I wonder about crazy things like that, I tossed that around for a while, trying to figure out what my six words would be. Finally, it came to me.

"Always Running Forward...Always Glancing Back"

I always have plans and goals for the future. I'm constantly making lists of things of things that need to be done, or goals that I want to accomplish. Once I make a decision, I always run full steam ahead, until the task is done. It might take me a while...but I'm always running forward.

I'm also always glancing back. Second guessing myself. Rethinking choices I've made. Hoping, pondering and praying...that I've done the right thing.

I need to stop it. I need to find that confidence in myself and realize that I always choose what is best for myself and my family. I need to remember that I don't need to explain myself or my choices to anyone. Regardless of anyone else's opinions...I've done what's right.

My life speaks for itself. How do you define your life?

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common mom said...

I would define my life as a . . . Fun-filled, Blessed, Worrisome, Love-filled, Grand Adventure.

I truly believe we HAVE TO look back on our life and decisions. We always do what we think is best at the time, but if we never look back, how will we learn? And improve? And also get to pat ourselves on the back for the 99.9% of the time that we make the perfect decision for ourselves and our family?

Keep moving forward, but never forget to glance back at what you've accomplished :-)