Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Conversation With Josh

Sometimes when I can't fall asleep, I'll tell Josh to tell me a story. Lame? Perhaps...but it's what I do. Sometimes I'll give him a random topic and he'll have to tell me a story about it. Usually, it provokes a story from his childhood and I love hearing those.
So, the other night....

Me: "Tell me a story."
Josh: "It's really hard when you put me on the spot."
Me: "I know. Then tell me something I don't know."
Josh: (without missing a beat) "You're beautiful."

Yeah...I totally cried.


Whitney said...

Awe!!! *Sniff sniff* Maybe he should teach my husband a thing or two... (as I sit here in my baggy shirt, cracked glasses and messy hair!)

Mom said...

How sweet!!!! You really are beautiful!!!!!

suebug said...

So tender, he's a good man. And you know what?? He's totally telling the truth! You ARE beautiful!

common mom said...

Awwwwwww, how awesome! I think he's a keeper :-)

Andrea said...

Hang on that that one, my friend. That is the sweetest thing!!