Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rest In Peace, Tori

It's funny to me, how someone that you've never met, can touch your life in a way you never imagined.
A few years ago, Josh played in a golf benefit fundraiser, that was raising funds for a local family. This family was raising the money so that they could take their daughter, Tori, to China for stem cell treatment.
On Father's Day 2005, this beautiful 16 year old was in an automobile accident with her little sister and two cousins. Their vehicle rolled 1.5 times and landed upside down in a canal. Tori got everyone else out of the vehicle, but was unable to free herself. She suffered an Anoxic Brain Injury and remained in a semi-vegetative state since then.
I have followed her blog ( ever since that golf tournament. While the updates were sometimes far apart, you could feel the love her family had for her, every time they updated.
Sadly, in October she became ill and this past Saturday, she passed away. My heart cries for her family, as I can only imagine the pain they must feel.
Things like this scare me. I have five perfectly healthy children. However, I don't know what the future will bring. I can do my best to keep them safe, but I can't predict or stop what may come.
I don't know what will happen tomorrow.
But today, I will hold my babies a little tighter.
Thankful...that I can.

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suebug said...

Oh, my heart just broke. Come here Aspen and Braden, mommy needs to hold you....