Monday, November 23, 2009

I Feel At Peace

I feel like I have closed another chapter of my life. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, when I didn't even know that one was there.
Presley turning one this weekend has made me realize how quickly time passes. I am done with pregnancies and newborn phases. I can't go back...and I'm okay with that.
I'm looking toward the future and I like what I see! My kids are all at varying levels of independence, but progressing. It's so wonderful and amazing to see them grow and change. Now I get to focus on raising my family, rather than adding to it.
This epiphany couldn't have come at a better time. I've had this sense of urgency over the last few weeks, that I feel I need to pay attention to. I don't know what is evoking these feelings, but I've found in the past that when I recognize these promptings, I had better pay attention to them.
I am loving school. It's stressful and crazy, but I love it. I've been back at it for two years now and I figured I probably had another two or three before I would even consider nursing school. I wanted Presley to get a bit older, before I tackled something like that. Lately, I've felt something pushing me forward. Something is telling me that I shouldn't drag this out and that I need to hurry it up. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to meet with my counselor next week and figure out what I need to do. I've talked to another mom that is currently a 2nd year nursing student and she hasn't sugarcoated it...but she's made me feel that I can do this!
I don't know what pre-req's I still have to do, so I need to find out and start checking them off. I'll probably throw in online classes where I can, so that I'm not gone from the house more often then necessary.
It's gonna be crazy. It's gonna be stressful.
It's gonna be worth it.


suebug said...

You amaze me, always have. The things you can conquer and achieve are above and beyond the norm. Your amazing, and I admire you desire to reach, to stretch, to break out of the typical expectations and achieve greater dreams and goals. Keep on going, I am here, as always, being your little personal cheer section!!! ;)

Rachel said...

I'm in that cheer section with Lacey!!! You are amazing, Leeann!

McKell Anderson said...

It will definitely be worth it and I am looking forward to the day you post your graduation pictures on your blog!!