Monday, November 9, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


-My mom is going to watch the kids during the times that I'm in school and Josh is at work. Hallelujah! One HUGE weight taken off my shoulders.
-I went shopping for the week and only spent $90.18 for a weeks worth of groceries. Now, every meal is planned out and I spent way less than I normally do.
-We are not selling out house now. We found some things out about the house that we wanted to buy and it has issues that we don't want to deal with. No stress of moving!
-The flu that hit us all last week, is finally gone.
-Two credit cards are paid off. One to go and then the madness caused by the crazy gas prices a year ago will be cleaned up.
-The big van is listed for sale and I found out that the KBB on it is only $3 off of what we owe! A sign, perhaps!?
-Presley has five teeth now! That explains the whiny baby I've had the last couple days!
-The kids parent/teacher conferences went well. My kids are well behaved and shocker there. ;)


-My house is a mess.
-My laundry is behind.
-My school work needs some serious catching up, after missing school last week due to the flu.
-I'm exhausted.
-Two minutes ago Luke just cut his own hair. *sigh* His bald head is gonna be darn cold...


-I have a zit. I never have zits. This one is making me unhappy. :(


Erin said...

yeah for a healthy house and credit cards being paid off. (if you want some more to pay off just let me know)
i keep thinking about menu planning. but that is as far as it gets...thinking...

suebug said...

Zits?? Welcome to my world...ever since the miscarriage I am one BIG zit.
I am glad your not moving now...for purely selfish reasons I admit.
I am glad your doing well now....that makes me happy!!

Jane Blogs said...

This is a great idea.
I'm going to make a list of my own, and hopefully have as much "good" as you came up with.
{slides back into lurk mode}

Leeann said... need to lurk! :)