Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

The morning of Josh's birthday, he left for work and I drifted off back to sleep...and had the strangest, most comforting, most wonderful dream. At first I thought it meant one thing and then after discussing it with my friends and delving into it further...I realize even more, how wonderful of a dream it was.

I dreamt that I was out of town for a work "thing". (Which is strange, because I don't travel for my work...but, I digress...) I was staying in a hotel and was all snuggled in my bed half asleep. Suddenly, my door opened and some people that I work with and go to school with came in my room. They were all standing around talking, not paying attention to me, all snuggled in bed.
Then, Mom came and sat down on the bed next to me. She looked so great. She was wearing a lavender shirt and had hair past her shoulders that was wavy and beautiful. She was smiling and looked so happy.
I talked to her for a few minutes (I don't know what about) and that's when I realized that Mom is dead and shouldn't be sitting on my bed! I looked around at everyone and no one else was paying me much attention, or thought it was weird that I was talking to a dead person.
I looked at Mom again and burst into tears. We were hugging each other and I was just sobbing and sobbing. I told her how over and over how much I missed her and she told me that I could, "always come see her on the 11 1/2 floor on Main Street". I knew immediately that she meant the Salt Lake City Temple. I have no idea what the 11 1/2 floor means, but the Temple is on Main Street. I haven't been to the Temple since Mom passed away and perhaps it is time to go again.
Then, Mom kept saying something about "my baby". Originally, I thought she was telling me I'm pregnant (I'M NOT!) and I didn't understand what she was talking about. I kept telling her that I don't have a baby. She kept responding that I did and she was laughing. (Somehow, I knew she wasn't talking about Presley.)
After talking to some friends about it, I now realize that she must have been telling me about Carter! It was the day before Carter's due date and he had been on my mind a lot. Perhaps this was her way of telling me that she has him and is taking care of him for me. I already knew that this was the case, but to have it confirmed to me like
I woke up in shock and crying. She was so real. I touched her. I felt her hug me. I hope this isn't the last time that I get to "talk" to her...but it sure has given me some comfort for now.
I love you, Mom. Thank you for taking care of our baby boy.


suebug said...

What a truly beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, comforting dream!!!!! I am thrilled you were blessed to have it. I am thrilled that your sweet MIL was able to visit you via said dream..and that she is indeed playing Grandma STILL :), and that your feeling the urge to attend the need a temple me, I am ready to go anytime! :) I love ya!

Andrea said...

That is an amazing dream! I am so glad you got to experience it!