Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yeah. I Talk To Myself. So What?

Dear Self,

Life sucks right now. Yup. I said it. Things that you never thought would fall apart, are. People that you always thought you could count on, are changing. You are learning damn quickly never to say, "It just can't get worse!", because guess what? It always can.

Now is when you get to prove to the world...no, prove to yourself... who you are.

You can cower in the corner, cover your ears and pretend that none of this is going on, or you can stand up and take responsibility for your life. Nothing and no one can make you feel a certain way. Only you, can decide to feel a certain way.

I know it always seems like life is constantly getting harder and never letting up, but you have to look for the "up". Unfortunately it isn't always as obvious as the things that bring you down. It's easy to focus on the negatives and make excuses. It's harder to focus on the positives and let the negatives make you stronger.

You are a strong person. Look at all the things you have already accomplished. Look at all the things you have overcome. Look at all the hurdles that were supposed to trip you up, that you just laughed at and jumped over. Look at all the times that you could have cried...and did...but smiled through the tears. Look at the people you have inspired.

Look at yourself.

And be proud.


Rachel said...

*HUGS* I love you, Leeann! I have a little somethin for you, too...if I ever see you again... :(

Amy said...

you have inspired me!

Mom said...

My mom always taught me that God would never give me more than what I can handle. And she was right. I have made it through so much in my life because of that saying that always stayed stuck in my head. It has made me stronger through the worst of times. I hand it down to you daughter because I truely believe that you can accomplish anything in life if you just remember what your Meme taught your mother and I have always tried to teach you kids. Love ya tons!

suebug said...

*xoxoxoxo* Babes...you amaze me, day in and day out you amaze me. You ARE strong, you ARE able, you ARE going to totally pull through this trial and this struggle and make it look good while doing it!!! Keep your chin up, and your eyes looking forward, trust in God, and you know what...you'll be laughing about this before you know it....oh yeah...and I'm FUZZY! :)

Shannon said...

I am so sorry things are so difficult right now. You are such an amazing woman and I AM inspired by you! I pray the Lord leads you toward strength and peace as you venture over this "hurdle".

common mom said...

Sometimes life DOES suck . . . but we always get through it.

You are a wonderful, strong, inspiring woman - you'll get off the roller coaster in a better place.

Thinking of you!!!

Shellie said...

Yes, you are strong. Just keep reading that letter to yourself and you'll endure it well. But, I do hope things start looking up soon!