Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working on ME

I feel like everything is falling into place.
Josh had two interviews this morning and it looks promising. They called him back this afternoon and asked him to come in for a 3rd interview with them tomorrow morning. He also has an interview with another company tomorrow and with a third company next Monday. I just know that one of these is going to work out. We are going to be fine and we will have grown from this experience.
School is killing me, but I'm realizing that I've got to let go of other things and focus on it more. I've got to spend more time studying than I do. This is really important to me and I'm slowing figuring out how to prioritize what needs to be done.
My weight loss has finally kicked into gear again. I plateaued for so long (okay, let's be honest...I gave up trying), but that finally seems to be turning around. I know that I won't get where I want to be until I stop breastfeeding Pres, but she is my priority and I can patiently wait.
The kids have been healthy *knock on wood* and we haven't dealt with any hospitalizations (other than the minor hiccup with Avery). I am so thankful for that. Typically we've dealt with a lot more than we have and I'm grateful that sickness has left us alone, for the most part.
Relationships in my life are being worked on...or being let go. Sometimes distancing yourself from situations is the best thing you can do for self preservation. I'm no longer allowing other people to "make" me feel a certain way.
Overall, things are looking up.
Have things really changed? Or has my reaction to things changed?


suebug said...

I love you Leeann, it is SO wonderful to hear the joy in your words coming through!! It's like sunshine on my soul!!!! :)

Erin said...

there are times when you can't change the situation. but you can change how you react to it. you are in control of you and no one else. i'm soo glad things are looking up for you!!

Andrea said...

You sound so positive -- so happy for you!