Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd Like To Take This Moment...To Complain

School is kicking my butt.

Apparently, I am supposed to be able memorize 4 1/2 chapters and be able to recall exact sentences from those chapters. I'm not really sure how knowing which way the cilia hairs in my ears bend when I drop my head forward will help me to be a better nurse...

I really wish that what was being taught and tested had some relevance to my ultimate goal. I think that's why I liked the CNA classes so much; there wasn't any time wasted, teaching me things that I won't use.

I've decided that they put us through this...crap...because they are trying to weed out those that can't stick it out.

Well, I'm on to their little game and I won't give up.

Bring it on.


suebug said...

That's right...we know your little game professors, nor will we give INTO said game. We are strong. We are women. We are tough S&*# and we won't give into your ploys and cruelty. We will hang on...barely...but we WILL!

Erin said...

u go girl!!