Friday, October 23, 2009

I HATE Liars!

What is so damn difficult about honesty? Huh?
ATK (Josh's former place of employment) has done nothing but screw us, since he was laid off. It just adds insult to injury when they already ripped his job from him (after months of assuring him that he wouldn't be affected).
First of all, when he was processed out the day he was laid off, they told him that we would have medical insurance until November 30th. Now? We get a letter from our medical insurance letting us know that our insurance is cancelled as of October 31st. WHAT?! He has called them numerous times about this and they keep giving the same scripted response, "We know there was an issue with what you were told and we are working on it." Well that's just wonderful, you idiot stick, but the end of the month is fast approaching and we need it resolved.
Then, we try to use our flexible spending for a doctor co-pay and we get denied. Again, when he was processed out, they assured him that we could use any of the money that had already been contributed (over $1,150!) until the end of the year. Now? They are telling him that the day he got laid off was his last day to use it and now we have forfeited all the money. They blame the IRS and that there is absolutely nothing they can do.
I want to cry.
Crooked, crooked, CROOKED people.
To top that off...we got a letter earlier this week from unemployment telling us that his severance would not affect unemployment and we would begin receiving benefits. Now? Today, they send another letter saying, just kidding! Because of the severance we aren't eligible to receive anything until after November 28th.
It's one blow after another and I am so sick and tired of us getting screwed every time we turn around. You know damn well that the executives at ATK are sitting back in their chairs, living off their FIVE MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES (no, I'm not exaggerating...I've seen the paperwork) and not even batting an eye at the turmoil, panic and outrage they have caused.
How do these people even sleep at night???


suebug said...

>:( I am so sorry babes. There is nothing I can say to help out. Just know I am as angered as you, that you are all still in my prayers- and I hope to high heaven that those who are jerking you guys around...get what's coming to them (and I hope that that does NOT include a bonus!)

Jen said...

Wow. That is sick and those people disgust me! I am so sorry Leeann!

gdechter said...


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