Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Halloween is such a fun time around our house. The kids look forward to dressing up for trick-or-treating the entire month and it makes me smile to see them so happy.
This year I had my kitties and my mouse. I love that they still let me dress them all in a "theme". I find it so much cuter than them all being something random. I think they are all adorable, don't you agree?

This was Presley's last "first" holiday. I cannot believe that my teeny peanut is almost one year old. She sure made an adorable little kitten! Presley and Gavin (Josh's cousin) Jumping on the trampoline while they waited to go. This is an insane amount of candy. INSANE! This doesn't even take into account what didn't make it home because they were eating as we drove! (We only go to people we know, I don't need the "razorblades in the candy" speech.) This picture doesn't do it justice. This pile is four feet across and a foot deep. INSANE!


suebug said...

So DARN CUTE!! They all turned out adorable!!! Love it!

Andrea said...

Picture Perfect!! They are adorable, all 5 of them!!!

common mom said...

Love the costumes! They are all oooooh so cute . . . and Presley turning 1 already - sheesh!

bequi said...

To calm your fears, there was a professor at some university who did a study and discovered that NO kid EVER has been poisoned by Halloween candy. EVER. I'll find the study for you, if you want. I'm glad your Halloween was good!