Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Giddy Up!

Today in the car:

Avery: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Me: "A nurse. That's why mommy goes to school. I'm learning to be a nurse."
Avery: "I don't want you to be that."
Me: (laughing) "Well, okay...what do you want me to be?"
Avery: "Umm...a cowgirl. With a pink hat."

That child is something else. I hate to tell her that the chances of me being a cowgirl are never to...well...never. I just rode my very first horse on Saturday...I think I'm lacking some skills.


Stacy said...

How fun! I wanted Cris and I to take McKenzie on a horse ride, and as strongly as my husband refused, I think he might be scared of them! Haha! ;)

suebug said...

You just BARELY rode a horse for the first time...that is...mind-boggling! I think I first rode one at ... well...probably 3. Wow....never too old to try something new eh?!?!! :)

Andrea said...

Okay -- first of all, that second picture of you...HOTT!!!!

And secondly...seriously, that child of yours -- when will she stop cracking me up?!?! I hope NEVER!!

Tinabean said...

You look like your having fun on the horse, but your missing your pink cowgirl hat!
She is so funny I get a kick out of her thoughts.

Your baby is getting so big & she is just beautiful & smiley.

Bethany said...

That looks like fun, but you might need a little more practice before becoming a cowgirl ;)

I was just in your state last week as I drove my brother across the country to help him move- gorgeous!