Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eye Love You!

My poor little man.
The other night while I was at school, I got a text from Josh telling me that Luke fell off a kitchen stool and his face had an up close encounter with the kitchen floor. He got the bleeding stopped, but couldn't butterfly the laceration closed, because of where it was (right in the crease of his eyelid).
So, I met him at urgent care and within 10 minutes they were done gluing it shut. I took these pictures the next day, but I should do some follow up ones. He's sporting quite a nice shiner now.

He loves walking around now and randomly saying, "The doctor put glue on my eye!"
It's alright, buddy...chicks dig scars! :)


suebug said...

My poor little guy!!! What a trooper though, I think I would have totally fallen apart..I don't handle eye pain well..or ANY pain for that matter ;)! Glad the doc. was able to fix you up buddy!!!

common mom said...

Poor little Dude!!! And what a nasty place to have it . . . everyone's eyesight is so bad in our house already that I just cringe whenever they get injured by their eyes.

Hope your little Prince is feeling well soon! Oh - and can I just say how awesome glue is!!!

Tinabean said...

Oh poor little man.
That looks like it really hurts.
What is it with our boys & cutting their eyes?
Thank goodness for glue these days!