Monday, August 17, 2009

What Is It About That Man?

The ice cream man, that is.
The annoying music blaring from the ice cream "truck" (van) is enough to make me shudder in pain, but add to it the over-priced ice cream and it's just too much. I'm not paying for ice cream...I'm paying for the "experience" of buying ice cream out of a van. My suggestion that I hand out popsicles to my kids while sitting in the mini van was just met with "Mom, are you nuts?" looks.
How does he always knows when when to drive up my street? It's always right before dinner. It doesn't matter what time of day I plan on serving dinner, he knows to arrive about 15 minutes before that.
It doesn't just seem to be my children affected...all the kids on my street run for the truck like junkies to their dealer. The frantic begging and crazed look in the children's eyes makes me ponder the thought that there must be a mutation in their pre-pubescent genes, that makes this happen.
Whatever it is, I can't bring myself to pay $2.50 for one frozen novelty treat. Call me cheap, but I'd rather take my kids to the Golden Arches and get them a $0.50 ice cream cone.
Besides, with that $2.00 worth of ice cream comes 30 minutes of peace, while they get lost in the playland.


annie said...

my sister taught my nieces and nephew it is just the music truck. they have no idea what is really inside!

Leeann said...

LOL Someone told my kids.
I should find that person.
And hurt them.

McKell Anderson said...

I heard another mom told her kids that if the music is playing that means he is out of ice cream. lol

bequi said...

My parents didn't allow us to get ice cream because one time a million years ago a kid got hit by a car while chasing the ice cream man.

I think the real reason is they were poor.