Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Comic Relief

I had time to kill this morning between dropping kids off at school and Presley's doctor's appointment, so I figured I would treat Avery and Luke to some yogurt and playtime at McDonald's. They don't start school for another week, so I feel bad that they feel left out. While we were playing, I sat with Pres in the toddler area. In that area is a rotating toy that has all the planets on it. Well...this is what happened...

Avery: "What planet is this?"
Me: "Earth."
Luke: "What planet is this?"
Me: "Mars."
Luke: "What planet is this?"
Me: "Saturn."
Avery: "What planet is this?"
Me: "Pluto. But that's not even a planet anymore."
Luke: "What planet is this?"
Me: (Yeah, I'm juvenile. I was laughing on the inside.) "Uranus."
Luke: (As loud as he freaking could) "Hey Avery!! That's my anus! Did you see my anus?"


Driving home from the doctor's, there is a spot that gets poor radio reception, so for a few minutes we listen to static.

Avery: "Mom, can you put on another song? Someone scratched this one!"
Me: (laughing) "Avery, it's the radio, not a CD."
Avery: "Yeah, but it's scratched, can you put on a new one?"


Whitney said...

So funny! I wish I could be a fly on the wall at your house!

suebug said...

Hey Leeann, I can see URANUS! :) hehehehehe I laughed to, don't tell anyone, every time I hear someone say it!! :) So what, I am immature!!! :P

Gail said...

Out of the mouths of babes. You never know what will come out.

Andrea said...

Hee hee hee....!!!! :)