Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Because

Just because I don't do things your way, it doesn't make me wrong. I do what works for me and I don't feel that I should have to explain myself to you.

Just because I question things, it doesn't make me stupid. It means that I prefer to develop my own opinion on a subject and not just follow the loudest person.

Just because I cry, it doesn't make me weak. It means that I can be hurt and that I am human.

Just because I want different things than you, it doesn't mean that I am making a mistake. It means that I am being true to myself.

Just because I don't tell you everything, it doesn't mean that I don't trust you. It means that someone else trusts me, to keep my mouth closed.

Just because I kept my mouth closed, it doesn't mean that I am hiding anything. It means that I've realized that words cannot be unspoken and the pain that they can cause, cannot be forgotten.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Wow. That was brilliantly written, my friend. I loved every word of it.