Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Takes One, To Know One

I love kids. Apprently it's not just mine that can make me burst into fits of laughter with their comments.

Little boy from down the street: "Where's Luke?"
Me: "He'll be out in a few minutes. He was taking a nap and had an accident, so he is taking a shower."
Boy: "An accident? What happened?"
Me: "He went potty while he was sleeping."
Boy: (gets an understanding look on his face) "Oh, okay."
Me: "It happens sometimes, huh?"
Boy: (shrugs his shoulders) "It happens to me all the time."


suebug said...

Oh my word, to dang funny, I am busting a gut right now ... "it happens to me all the time..." seriously!!!! :) I love kids!!!!

Pam said...

that is too funny! How cute is that?!?!