Monday, August 10, 2009

Gimme An A!!!

...and a B.
Okay, a B-.
Final grades are in. Life science was an A and chemistry was a B-. I'm not particularly happy with my chemistry grade, but what can I do about it now? I've just got to move forward and work my butt off next semester. I was right on the edge of a B and had hoped that the professor would bump me up a such luck.
The university is still working on hiring a new science professor, so I haven't yet registered for fall semester. Once they get that resolved, it looks like I will be taking microbiology and physiology.
I stress over my grades, because I know how competitive nursing school will be. I will be competing to get a spot against younger girls, who don't have a full family life bidding for their attention at home.
It'd be wonderful if life experience could play a role in my acceptance. My role as "mommy" has exposed me to more in the last nine years than any "fresh out of high school" girl could ever dream of. If I can give medications by IV, remove stitches, monitor blood pressure and respirations, give breathing treatments and place a feeding tube in my own child, without blinking an eye...that should count for something! All of the hours I've spent in the Emergency Room, Same Day Surgery, Labor and Delivery, Antepartum, Postpartum, the NICU, the PICU and the general Ped's floor should count toward my degree!
Think they'd go for it?


suebug said...

Good on ya girl!!! "A" 's always rock, and a "B-" ain't half bad!! Good job!!!

Andrea said...

I'd totally pick YOU to be my nurse any day!!

Tinabean said...

Way to go on your grades!
You are an inspiration to many.
I think they should take all of your life trials & experience into account.

Mom said...

Awesome Leeann. I'm so proud of you. Knew you could do it.

Shannon said...

All joking aside, YES, I think they WILL look at your life experience and it WILL be in your favor. Patient care is what it's all about. NOT the age category.

Whitney said...

I would!!! You'd be better at my IV as any of my co-workers were... they actually let an orienter brand new out of nursing school come in and give me an IV. Thanks people!

bequi said...

Really, if there's an entry essay or something, include all of that. Seriously.

common mom said...

As with applying for jobs, I think your life experience should TOTALLY count toward your credits! Seriously!

And be proud of those grades . . . they're good grades anyway - and add together the time you spend with your family, you should be SOOO proud!

Now you just have to move here so you can be my family's nurse :-)