Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day Of School 2009

There is "beautiful"...and then there are these two. I cannot believe how grown up these two are getting. They were so excited to start school this year, but I am still in shock that I have not one, but TWO kids in school all day.
They both do wonderfully in school, so I'm not worried. Hopefully math will come a little easier to Bay this year, but her spelling and reading is above grade level. I'm hoping Ry comes out of her shell and is a little less shy, but again, her reading is beyond where a barely 6 year old should be.
I'm so proud of these two. I'm so lucky to have such caring, intelligent, beautiful daughters.


Pam said...

They are beautiful! Inside and out. I would love to be the teacher of either of them! Ashlyn's first day is Monday....I'm sure I'm going to cry. But she is super excited and ready!

suebug said...

My word girls!!! Your get more and more beautiful every passing day! I love to see you guys at make me smile!!!

common mom said...

You have such beautiful kids . . . and these two . . . man what a pair! You are one lucky Mommy :-) Wishing them the best school year!