Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You'd Think I Have A Houseful of Boys

Ryleigh: "What is this drink?"
Me: "Creme soda."
Ryleigh: "Ewww..."
Me: "What? It's vanilla soda."
Ryleigh: "You said creme soda."
Me: "It's the same thing."
Bailey: "It's yummy! It tastes good when you burp!"
Me: "Bailey!" (laughing)
Bailey: "What? It tastes like ice cream!"

-Five Seconds Later-

Avery: (BUUUUURP!) "Hey! It does!"


Pam said...

maybe they are just trying to make Luke feel less like the only boy :)

suebug said...

oh, those delicate little angels..I have one at my house too. That farts on your lap and then laughs till she almost pees herself. Yea, real little ladies....