Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow...Thanks For Listening

This is my 700th post.
Seven hundred.
Do you think my blogging has moved from an enjoyable pastime and is now running head first into an obsession?
My blog started out as a way to keep far away family informed of our activities (Hi, Meme and Pepe!) and to keep track of those funny (and not so funny...Avery...) stories that I didn't want to forget.
It has now become so much more.
In these 700 posts are pictures. Pictures of my kids acting silly and pictures of vacations we have taken. Pictures of a family coming together for each other and pictures of my hair growing back. Pictures of friends that feel like family and family that I love.
In these 700 posts are memories. Memories of times spent together and conversations that I never want to forget. Memories of death and memories of birth. Memories of you. Memories of me.
In these 700 posts are feelings. Happy, sad, mad, aggravated, annoyed, frustrated, excited, scared, contentment, stress...they are all here.
In these 700 posts are my words. There are funny stories and sad announcements. There are posts to make you think and posts to make you laugh. Posts to possibly make you change your point of view and posts to let you see mine.
In these 700 posts is MY world. Through the eyes of ME.


Pam said...

and a great 700 posts it has been! Can't wait to read the next 700 posts with all those things!

suebug said...

Ah, you rock babes!!! I have totally enjoyed reading your! But it's worth it isn't it- you bring a smile to my face, often, when I don't think it's possible to smile again! I love ya!

Stacy said...

Congrats on an AWESOME milestone!

katie said...

Congrats! Quite a milestone.

Andrea said...

Wow -- 700 already?!?!