Friday, July 17, 2009


Change is necessary.
We would not be alive, if change did not occur.
However, change can be hard to accept.
It can hurt and it can bring to light questions that you never thought you'd have to answer.
Change can break you.
It's not about being strong. Strong will only take you so far. Eventually, if you remain strong and rigid, you will break.
You must be flexible and allow the current of change to move you in different directions...until you find the course that you want to take.
Even is the road less traveled.


Pam said...

are you writing this for me?? I'm having a hard time with the changes in my life right now.....I'm listening to you, I promise I am! It is just hard to change.....I'm working on bending and flowing with it....but like all things with me- it is a work in progress

Bethany said...

I'm reading this a little late because I was on vacation, but you wrote it the day after I was let go from my job- something I am definitely still struggling with. It was a perfect post for me to read- thank you.