Friday, July 31, 2009

Bailey's Baptism

In the LDS church, you have a blessing shortly after birth, but you are actually baptized at 8 years old. Bay has been waiting "forEVER" (according to her) to be 8.
I was brought up in the Catholic church and at 8 years old in that faith, you have your first communion. My grandparents bought me a beautiful white dress to wear for that special day. I love that Bailey was able to wear that exact same dress, for her special day.

Afterward, she finally got her birthday cake and party. She is one happy girl! One happy, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, loved girl...
...who is growing up too fast.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons 2009

I love swimming lessons each summer. It's a crazy, fun-filled two weeks where we basically live at the pool. All of the kids have a blast and we get to hang out with friends...what could be better?
Presley was in the Mommy and Me class this year and of course was the youngest participant. It was a 50/50 bet as to whether she would just fall asleep in the pool, or not. On days she didn't, she really liked the water. I could sit her on the edge of the pool and she would lean forward to fall back into my arms.
Summer 2009 is wrapping up...but we sure made a lot of good memories in the process!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've Never Seen Anything Cuter

Step One: Try just a little taste...Step Two: Take the popsicle from your Mom and try to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once...
Step Three: Flash Mommy a huge smile, so that she thinks you're cute and she lets you have popsicles again in the future!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eight Months

Two-thirds of a year has passed us by, yet everyday I love this little face more. I love you, Pres, more today than yesterday...and I can't even imagine how much I will love you tomorrow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Change Happens - Ready Or Not

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend. I have so many pictures I want to share, but that person that lives in my house named "It Wasn't Me!" took off with my camera cord and after ripping my house apart (TWICE!), I still can't find it.
Soooo....on to a more serious subject.
I debated even blogging about this, but since this is a blog of my life and the people in it, I figured it was within my "right".'s going to become common knowledge soon, anyway.
Things have been really hard the last couple months. Having mom gone has really opened a void in my life, as well as my children's. We have a lot of good days, where mentions of Mom are with happiness. The kids remember the good times and fun memories that we shared with her. The bad days are what hurt the most. Bailey and/or Ryleigh will come to me at such random times and be crying. When I ask them what's wrong, they mumble, "I miss Grandma." These are the kinds of times that break my heart. I only have a hug to words to make it better.
Our lives have recently been turned upside down, when Dad announced that he is getting married in a couple weeks. We just learned that he was beginning to venture out and date, so this came as a HUGE surprise.
If I remove myself from the situation, I am extremely happy for him. They seem very excited and loving toward each other. His fiance is a very nice woman who will probably, one day, fit in quite well, when the shock wears off.
However, I can't remove myself from the situation, entirely. I miss Mom. I miss her in ways that I cannot even describe. Our family hasn't yet figured out how to adapt to life without her...and now we have to adapt to additions to the family. Dad isn't just gaining a new wife, but four new children (six, if you count the in-laws) and two more grandchildren.
I love Dad and I trust that he is doing the right thing for him...I just think that the rest of us haven't caught up to his level of acceptance yet. We don't want to "fill" the empty hole, yet. Everyone says that, " can't handle being along long..." or "...he had a long time to prepare for Mom's passing...". I know all this. I get it. However, if he is allowed to feel how he wants to feel...then so are we. We need our time to get over the shock and move toward acceptance.
However long that road to acceptance may be.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Presley Talking To Meme and Pepe

It Has Finally Happened

I'm speechless.
It is hard enough to grow up in the world as a girl. We are our own worst critics when it comes to how we look. It's hard to find a woman that is completely happy with their own body image.
As I watch Toddlers & Tiaras, I am floored with how some mothers talk to or about their daughters.
I won't get into my views on pageants...I have them...but I won't get into them. My problem isn't so much with the pageants, as it is with the parents. I'm really hoping that not all "pageant moms" are this way and that TLC just likes showing the "drama."
I watched an episode that included a mom with five daughters. Her oldest daughters were twins and the way she treated one of the twins made me want to cry. She openly discussed how one twin was "the prettiest out of all of them" and "looked just like mommy". As if that wasn't enough, she went even further by saying that the other twin had a big nose and was skinny and awkward looking.
When they interviewed this poor little girl, you could just see the defeat on her face. She didn't look happy and she never smiled. She made me want to gather her in my arms, pull her in my lap and try to make her laugh.
Why, oh why, would a mother encourage poor body image in her child? It seems to me that it's simple common sense to want to foster a high self worth in our children...not push them down, so that they feel inferior.
Eating disorders. Self mutilation. Depression. Suicide. Among a list of other "side effects", that could occur because of the parenting I've seen on this show.
I want my daughters to always know how beautiful they are inside AND out. I love each of them for their differences and I would never compare them to each other.
The world will be hard enough on them. They should always know that I am here to build them up...not break them down.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Is The First Day...

...of the rest of your life.
Yup, that is super, duper cheesy...but the truth.
Only I can determine how my day is going to play out.
I can wake up in a pissed off mood because I'm tired and I have a lot to do...or I can wake up and be thankful that I did.
Life is not a guarantee.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You'd Think I Have A Houseful of Boys

Ryleigh: "What is this drink?"
Me: "Creme soda."
Ryleigh: "Ewww..."
Me: "What? It's vanilla soda."
Ryleigh: "You said creme soda."
Me: "It's the same thing."
Bailey: "It's yummy! It tastes good when you burp!"
Me: "Bailey!" (laughing)
Bailey: "What? It tastes like ice cream!"

-Five Seconds Later-

Avery: (BUUUUURP!) "Hey! It does!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey!

My beautiful baby girl is 8 years old today.
I still remember the day that we brought her home from the hospital. I laid her down in her crib for the first time, sat down in the rocking chair and thought, "Now what?".
She was, and will continue to be, my first everything. My first pregnancy, my first kindergarten drop off, my first lost tooth. Watching her grow and change has been trying...but it has given me immense joy.
Bailey is beautiful on the inside and out. I couldn't ask for a better daughter to try out the pre-teen years with, for the first time.
Happy Birthday, beautiful! I love you so much!

As an added treat...a conversation at the breakfast table this morning:

Bay: (talking to Luke) "Do you know how to make pink?"
Luke: "It's not red! It's brown and..."
Bay: "No, you take red and mix it with white and that makes pink."
Me: "How do you make green?"
Luke: "It's not red!" (What does he have against red?)
Me: "Nope, it's not red. I know you know it, Bay. Ryleigh, do you know?"
Ryleigh: "Yellow and blue."
Me: "Yup. Good job."
Bailey: "My turn...ask me a question."
Me: "Okay...what is the capital of Utah?"
Bailey: "U!"
Me: (laughing so hard I can barely speak) "It's Salt Lake City!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Extra Pickle, Hold The Jail Cell, Please

Luke: "I'm gonna call the cops and they gonna put you in jail!"
Me: "Why? What did I do?"
Luke: "You spanked me and they are gonna put you in jail."
Me: "Umm, nope. I didn't spank you." (I may have threatened one if he didn't quit hiding in my closet and get his butt back to bed...)
Luke: "I'ma call the cops. You go to jail. Avery go to jail. Ryleigh go to jail. Bailey go to jail. Daddy going to jail."
Me: "Well, if we are all in jail, who is going to take care of you?"
Luke: "I'll be alone."
Me: " who will cook for you and feed you?"
Luke: "Spongebob is gonna make me crabby patties."

Okay, then.
As long as you are taken care of.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Change is necessary.
We would not be alive, if change did not occur.
However, change can be hard to accept.
It can hurt and it can bring to light questions that you never thought you'd have to answer.
Change can break you.
It's not about being strong. Strong will only take you so far. Eventually, if you remain strong and rigid, you will break.
You must be flexible and allow the current of change to move you in different directions...until you find the course that you want to take.
Even is the road less traveled.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow...Thanks For Listening

This is my 700th post.
Seven hundred.
Do you think my blogging has moved from an enjoyable pastime and is now running head first into an obsession?
My blog started out as a way to keep far away family informed of our activities (Hi, Meme and Pepe!) and to keep track of those funny (and not so funny...Avery...) stories that I didn't want to forget.
It has now become so much more.
In these 700 posts are pictures. Pictures of my kids acting silly and pictures of vacations we have taken. Pictures of a family coming together for each other and pictures of my hair growing back. Pictures of friends that feel like family and family that I love.
In these 700 posts are memories. Memories of times spent together and conversations that I never want to forget. Memories of death and memories of birth. Memories of you. Memories of me.
In these 700 posts are feelings. Happy, sad, mad, aggravated, annoyed, frustrated, excited, scared, contentment, stress...they are all here.
In these 700 posts are my words. There are funny stories and sad announcements. There are posts to make you think and posts to make you laugh. Posts to possibly make you change your point of view and posts to let you see mine.
In these 700 posts is MY world. Through the eyes of ME.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Overheard In The Mini-Van

On the way home from swimming lessons today...

Ryleigh: "I farted in the pool today."
Avery: *giggling* "Was there bubbles?"
Ryleigh: *proud of herself* "Yup!"
Avery: *still giggling* "Cool!"

Yup. That's my kids for ya!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This One Is For You. And Me.

There comes a time in your life when you realize that what you thought was real...isn't real at all.
A time when you realize that you have no right to have an opinion on anyone else's life, because what you see, is what they want you to see...and perhaps it isn't reality.
It's easy to judge someone for their choices. You are on the outside, looking in, but no matter how well you think you "see"...your view is always clouded.
You only know someone from the moment you met. You don't know the life they lived prior to that, or how what they went through in their life shaped who they have become. How they react to circumstances in their life, may be drastically different to how you would react.
Unless you can live some one's life, see what they see, feel what they feel and hurt like they can't fully comprehend the trials they endure.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th 5K

I was hoping to know my time, before I posted these pics...but after waiting all week, it appears that they aren't going to respond to me.
Eh. Oh well.
We had a blast and I felt so good the rest of the day.
Now, if only my sunburn would go away so that I could do some more running!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Is What Love Is

Love is snuggling you in the wee hours of the morning, when the rest of the world is asleep.
Love is picking you up when you cry and feeling you melt into my neck and sigh, knowing that Mommy has you.
Love is hearing you discover your little voice.
Love is watching your face light up at the sight of me coming towards you.
Love is saying over and over, "She is seven and a half months old and yes, I know she's tiny. I wouldn't want her any other way."
Love is accepting and loving the fact that you aren't sitting up yet or doing all the things that people say you "should" be.
Love is staring into your eyes and knowing with my entire being, that there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I absolutely adore the 4th of July. It is my favorite holiday and I love living in a small town and experiencing all that a small town has to offer.
My day started out with the 5K that I did with Nannette. (Pictures to come as soon as she emails them to me...hint...hint...).
Following that, was the town parade, where the kids got about their weight in candy. After a dutch oven dinner at my house with friends and family, we sat on the high school lawn and watched an amazing fireworks show.
I love the close community feeling that this day brings. Running into old friends, showing off how big my children have gotten and the smiles on every one's faces just can't be beat.

~my beautiful family~
~fighting aside, they really do love one another~
~they are all getting so big~
~all american kids~
~loving on peanut~
~she loved the day's festivities too~
This year we were so lucky to have a friend of mine from my "Mommy Blog" come to stay with us for the weekend. Lindsay, Kasper and their son, William, just moved to the States from Sweden. Lindsay is from here, but Kasper is from Denmark and William was born in Sweden six months ago. They moved here so that Kasper could continue his education at Duke University. Luckily, they decided to do some traveling before setting down for the school year, and we were able to meet. The babies have had so much fun together and I feel like I've known Lindsay forever. Their little family fits in easily with ours and we are really going to miss them when they leave.
~william and presley~
~decked out for their first 4th of july~
~watching the fireworks: me, pres, lindsay & william~

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend and took some time to remember our troops. We are the land of the FREE...because of the BRAVE.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Someone Misses Grandma

I found this picture that Bailey drew.
I don't know how hard it is to see...but it's a picture of "Angel Grandma" above her headstone and she is saying, "I will miss you guys."

Wow...if that doesn't break your heart...