Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Velcro Baby Disease

I've developed a tumor.
It's about 12.5 lbs.
It's usually on my right hip, but it has been known to migrate.
Whenever I try to detach said tumor, it screams.
I think the tumor is developing teeth.
Good thing the tumor is cute...or I'd be getting some funny looks.


Chris, Emily and Ryker Allen said...

Your little tumor is SO CUTE!

Just Us said...

i have one that is 2 years old now and weighs around 29 lbs.... so, u probably already know this - but once u have this disease it doesn't go away very easily. to tell u the truth (aside from all of the times i'm trying to do something important), i kind of like it. shhhhh, don't tell :)

Steph said...

that is EXACTLY why we babywear

Andrea said...


Whitney said...

That's no fair... mine weighs 20 pounds and he gets heavy!!!