Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Presley's 2nd Letter To Grandma

Dear Grandma,
I'm laughing now! Remember that one evening when you made me giggle for the very first time? You were so proud that I did it for you first. Today, my mommy was being so funny about my poopy diaper, that I started laughing and laughing. You would have loved that sound, Grandma. I wish you were here to hear it.
We planted flowers from your funeral in the front yard yesterday. We like seeing the beautiful colors and knowing that they will come back year after year. Every time we enter or leave our home, we are reminded of you. I wish you were here to see them.
We have been visiting Grandpa almost every day. He misses you a lot. Sometimes I see him staring off into space and I realize that he's staring at a picture of you. I wonder what particular memory he is thinking of. I wish you were here to hug him, Grandma.
Sometimes mommy sits and cries, when she thinks that no one can see. She has to be strong for every one else, but inside I know that she misses you a lot. I wish you were here to talk to her, Grandma.
It's just not the same since you left. I wish you were here, Grandma.


The Dixie Millers said...

Oh Leeann, everytime I read your blogs I end up crying! We love you so much!

Angela said...

Well, I can always count on you for a good cry. You are so gifted, Leeann. I truly wish that one day I will have the honor of giving you a hug, and saying "Hello, Friend"

Andrea said...

I have chills. Again.