Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, Avery...

Avery: "Mom, how does a baby get in a belly?"
Me: (On we go...let's try this first...) "Heavenly Father puts the baby in the mommy's belly."
Avery: "Oh."
Me: *thinking* "Whew...dodged that..."
Avery: "But how?"
Me: (Or not...) "Umm, when a mommy and daddy are married, they make a baby."
Avery: "But how does the baby get in the belly?"
Me: "Well, the daddy touches the mommy and the baby goes in the mommy's belly." *thinking* "PLEASE don't ask me anymore!"
Avery: "Does Heavenly Father make toys and put them in Santa's sack, too?"
Me: "Well no...that's the elves..."


Jen said...

LOL! I love it!!!

Shannon said...

Ugh. I have 3 children and still cringe to think how I'm going to answer these questions. You do a fantastic job at giving out the info in itty bitty chunks.....just enough to satisify their curiosity! GREAT JOB!!! (Great pic of Avery, too, by the way :-)

Erin said...

Dodged that bullet...for now! Good job in how you handled it.

Shellie said...

Hee hee!

bequi said...

HAHAHAHAHA! She's wonderful!