Friday, May 8, 2009

We Can Only Hope

The Susan G. Komen 5K is tomorrow morning. I can't wait. I love this day of the year. There are always thousands and thousands of people there. It feels so good to be supporting my most favorite cause with tons of my most favorite people.
This year, even Presley is getting in on the action and has a cute new shirt to wear. It's a little big...2T was the smallest they had...peanut barely fits into 3-6 months...but she'll be able to wear it for years to come.
For another year, I get to race in CELEBRATION of Mom. I've decided that no matter what happens...I will never race in MEMORY of her. I will continue to celebrate all that she is and all that she does.
Because of her, I have the five greatest children in the world.
I will continue to celebrate that...forever.


Pam said...

Good luck tomorrow! I think celebrating is a great way to honor those you love- whether they are here with you or not. So I appaulde you for wanting to continue to use that word for years to come.

Melessa said...

Our Race for the Cure is always in October. This year, I hope to race in celebration of DH's step-sister. She was diagnosed at the beginning of April, as already had her mastectomy, and is currently undergoing chemo, but promising me she will be back to her scrub tech job on our hospital's OB floor in time for my baby's birth in July. She amazes me with her attitude. Also, she is younger than me and mom of 2 young boys. It goes without saying that this has really hit home with me. I know it has hit much closer for you, but I knew you would 'listen' if I commented here. I LOVE Presley's shirt and the pics. She is precious!

suebug said...

I hope it was a memorable, and fun walk!

Andrea said...

I love your way of saying 'in celebration' instead of 'in memory' matter what happens.

And your darling Presley looks just like her beautiful mama!!