Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer School

Well, that long complained about math class is OVER. Hallelujah! I wanted a C- in the class. I just wanted to pass. I'm a person that wants A's in everything, so the fact that I would settle for a C-, tells you how hard this class was for me. Thankfully, I finished with a B.
Due to budget cuts (blah, blah, blah) summer classes were hard to come by. I had a really hard time fitting classes into Josh's work schedule. We don't have anyone to watch the kids when I'm in school and it seemed that every single class overlapped his work somehow. *sigh*
In the end, I am taking Chemistry 1110 on Mondays and Wednesday nights and an online Life Science class. If I keep up my incredibly drawn out, but necessarily slow pace, I will graduate either spring or summer of 2010, with my associates.
That doesn't mean I'm done. Not even close - but it's one degree under my belt and hopefully it will give me the encouragement and strength to continue on. My counselor let me know that I could apply for nursing school now and start fall 2010...but with five children still so young, I just know that I couldn't give it 110%. So, probably fall 2012. By then, I should have my bachelors as well.
This had better be worth the stress.
Well, I know it will be.
I just have to talk myself into it...
Every. Single. Day.


Shellie said...

Hang in there! You may graduate before my husband even at a snail's pace.

Whitney said...

You're awesome!! I wish I had the gumption to go back and get my nursing. Too bad we don't live closer, I would babysit for you... Everett needs some playmates!

suebug said...

I so hear your pain!!! I am here for you! I am PROUD OF YOU! Keep on, keepin' on! Cause you are SO totally going to do this!