Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Have Amazing Friends

I am part of a community on that is like no other. We are moms that were due to have babies in January 2009 (most of us...some are honorary January mommies). I have become so close with many of them...they are some of my best friends...whom I've never met. We supported each other through the crazy months of pregnancy, stupid significant others, scary deliveries, sick babies and every day life. I am blessed to be a part of this group of beautiful, caring, nonjudgemental women...called c-mommas. (Or, if anyone screws with an of us, we've also been known as the "Mommy Mafia"...but those are stories for another day...)
Recently, one of the Mommies, Sarah, entered a contest and WON! She is the new proud owner of a Flip Video Camera!
Needless to say...I was shocked when I read her submission. Sometimes, you have no idea how you have touched someone else's life...even when you feel you don't deserve the kind words. Sarah is a fabulous writer and I am so happy that she won...and so happy that I can call her my friend.

In 250 words or less, tell us about a mom who has inspired you to be a better mom. Who is a mom who has sustained themselves and has contributed to their family and community? Who is a mom that has empowered you to be a better mom?

"I am eternally grateful to for introducing me to over 60 mothers [via the "Confessions" thread on my birth board] who have shaped me throughout my pregnancy and first-time-motherhood.

One of those mothers is named Leeann, and goes by the BBC handle "Leeannimal". The loving mother of 5 young darlings and one angel baby, Leeann is the quintessential picture of motherhood.

From her black bean brownie recipe to her gorgeous calming smile, Leeann possesses everything a child needs to grow up stable, secure, and healthy. She shows me every day that it's possible to raise honest, hard-working and congenial children, foster a loving and mutually respectful marriage, fulfill part-time job duties, cultivate a sharp and witty sense of humor, and shine with faith in God, all while blogging, attending higher education classes in pursuit of a nursing degree, and doling out valuable gems of meaningful advice to fellow mothers.

Though I admittedly was blessed with a relatively "easy" baby, there have been moments where I was exhausted and frustrated and just plain ready to quit. I can't count the number of times I've said to myself "if Leeann can do it with five, I can handle one.."

I love Leeann. I am a thousand times stronger, smarter, better-informed and better-equipped to raise my baby from having "met" her. I wish I could give her back the tiniest bit of love and support she's so selflessly given me!"



suebug said...

I have to say Leeann, Sarah is not the only woman who feels that way about you! I watch you- go through lifes normal trials- and not so normal trials, and I admire you greatly. You are a true friend, an amazing woman, and a daughter of God, unlike some, I am lucky enough to see that beautiful smile face-to-face...and I love you!

Angela said...

Like I said on the original thread about Sarah's submission, my first thought was of you. I think of you often. I'm proud to be your "c-momma" friend!