Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Jared

Today should be Jared's 27th birthday. I can't believe how much the family has changed, in the short 3 1/2 years since he's been gone.
While we don't visit the cemetery often, there is never, ever a day that he is not mentioned at least once in our home. We talk about him often and remind the kids that they have a special angel watching over them.

While the older kids were in school, we took the youngest two, to say Happy Birthday. This was Presley's first time at Jared's grave.
Daddy and his little girl.
Mommy's little man. I love that his birthday is the day before Jared's. He'll always know the story of his birth and how Uncle Jared sent him to us, the minute he hit Heaven's gate. I'll never forget the shock of that day - two weeks after Jared's funeral - when we found out we were pregnant. I know that it's my fault; I asked Jared during his last days to send me a boy...who knew he'd do it right away?
Josh likes sharing memories of his brother, with the kids.

Kissing Uncle Jared good-bye


suebug said...

I think it's amazing that Josh is so open and tender about his brother! I love that he shares his stories with the kids- so that in a very REAL way..Jared has never really left you guys! Your kids truly have one amazing guardian angel watching over them!!! ;)

suebug said...

Jared...please take care of Pat for us. We know you two are enjoying a wonderful reunion right now, but we on earth are missing her greatly now. Love her for us, hold her for us, and let her know...she is still deeply loved!

Erin said...

I have often thought about when I will take N to my dad's grave. You've made me feel a little better about wanting to do it so early.